How To Make Candyland Party Invitations

candyland party invitations
DIY Candyland Party Invitations

Planning a Candyland themed party for your childs birthday then you will love this tutorial to make these sweet homemade candy invitations cleverly crafted from card and ribbon. This is a very simple design project which can be easily completed within a couple of hours and the best thing about this project is that there is no glue or adhesives which makes it "mess free"

I found that making these invitations was a good way to use up all those scrap bits of card and ribbon that were left over from previous projects as each card measured to be only 4 1/4" x 3 3/4" in size. So if you have an excess ammount of craft supplies you can make a start to reduce them now.

Supplies to make candyland invitations

  • Colored Card
  • Hole punch (any regular punch will do)
  • Wide ribbon (at least 1" in width)
  • SciccorsPrinter - optional
  • Scissors etc
  • Printer optional
  • Glitter - optional
making candyland invitations

Step one

Create your candy shape template. It can be a circle, rectangle or oval. We've chosen to use an oval shape. Our oval measures approx:

4 1/4" x 3 3/4" or (approx 11cm x7cm)

If you are printing your invitation wording then you can go ahead and create the text in your word processing software.

Keep the text within the template and test print before you print on to the construction card.


print the candy invitations

Step two

Once you have printed or written your wording you can trace around your template and cut out the candy shape.

Step three

Take your hole punch (any regular sized hole punch will do) and punch a hole at each end about a quarter inch from the sides.


cut out candyland invitations

Step four

Cut a length of ribbon about three inches longer than your candy template. We cut a 7" long length of the wide ribbon.

Note that the wider the ribbon that you use the better. We have a 1 1/4 width striped ribbon that we recycled from an easter basket gift.

Thread the ribbon down through the top of one hole and up through the other. Trim the end of the ribbon with a fancy V-shaped cut.

Your invitation is ready to hand out or post to your guests.

candyland party invitations


There you have it. a handmade DIY piece of candy or lolly invitation, perfect for any celebration event. Remember that you can mix up the colors for your invitations. go for bright and bold colors. A square or rectangle shaped card would work just as well. Round off the corners with a corner punch if you have one handy.