Crossword Save The Dates

Crossword Save The DatesFor our save the date cards we didn't want a photo or anything like that, we wanted something a little more unique. We thought of making crossword puzzle or word finder save the dates which we thought would be both unique and interactive as our guests would get to fill out the rest of the crosswords with answers to clues about Dan and I and our wedding to come.

Deciding to make postcards

Our idea was pretty informal and we wanted to make cards that were also pretty informal and cool. Once we saw the postcards save the date tutorial we knew this was the direction our cards should take.  Printing off 100 for only $2.00 at VistaPrint was certainly the deal clincher.

Making the crossword

We sat down and drew up a 12x12 grid to use as a template for our crossword.  After trying several different wording combinations we finally came up with the wording "Reagan and Daniel are Tying the Knot" and entered the date on the bottom line.

We then added other words to the crossword. Some were general wedding words and others were related to us personally. We tried to think of clues that most people would know about us and made a list of things like where we lived, habits, favorite past times, favourite things etc. Of course Not all of them easily fit into the crossword and a lot were discarded.

We also googled "A to Z of wedding words" which produced some great lists of words that we could choose from. After a bit of trial and error we had a crossword we loved

Crossword Save The Dates
Crossword Save the Dates

Photoshopping our design

Once we had our design ready we sent a rough sketch to our friend who reproduced the design in Photoshop. The font used is simply Times New Roman - and Arial for the numbers in the grid) We put a black border around the whole design and then sent it off to be printed.

At Vistaprint we were able to enter a few more details like the wedding location on the back of the postcard. The total cost for 100 cards to be printed was $12.50. (printed in Feb 2010)

Printing $1.99
Design upload fee $2.49
Delivery (21 days) $8.02

They also fit nicely in an A2 envelope.

Want us to create your Save the Date design?

If want crossword cards and would like us to create a Print It Yourself design especially for your wedding then You can request a free design proof here.