Dora Birthday Invitations

Are you making your own homemade birthday invitations for your darling little girl? If so you have come to the right place for some inspiration. We have Dora the explorer party invitation samples from readers just like yourself who are in need of the perfect birthday invite. Take a look around our ever growing picture gallery for some great ideas.


dora soirre invitation
Dora's Soirre invites

free printable dora invitation
Printable birthday invites



Dora the Explorer Soirre!


I made these Dora invites in the same way that I made the Blues Clues Invitatons.

Becky Bokern
Belleville, IL

Free Printable Dora Printable invitation

Print off these free Dora the Explorer invitations. The pdf file contains 4 invitations per A4 sheet. Download the Dora invitations and print them on to card. Then simply fill out the rest of the party details.

printable dora invitations

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