Free Envelope Templates

These free printable envelope templates were created for you to make your own homemade envelopes. They are A2 in size and measure You can use these envelope templates in a couple of different ways.

1. Print the template on to some firm thick cardboard. Cut out the envelope carefully around the dotted lines and use this as a template. Trace around the template on to your paper.

2. Print the template pattern directly on to your envelope paper or card. Be sure to print on the wrong side of your paper.

You can use any kind of paper for your envelopes.  Some ideas for you home made envelopes include

Recycle paper and magazines

Grab a glossy fashion magazine and make your invitations from the pages. Not only are you making a statement that you are a sassy fashionable person but you also are caring for our environment by recycling. You can recycle wrapping papers as well.

Scrapbooking and craft Papers

Scrapbook papers come in an array of fabulous designs to suit any occasion that you may require them for. You might also find some rubber stamp designs that you can use on craft papers for a unique pattern.

envelope template #1 Download envelope template #1
envelope template #2 Download envelope template #2
envelope template #3 Download envelope templates #3

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