First Birthday Invitation Wording


Wording samples and first birthday verses for you to use on your Homemade 1st Birthday Invitations.

1st Birthday Poems

Toes no longer tiny, just small
a mind like a sponge, thirsty to learn more
so many changes in you taking place
you sprout like a weed in a growing race
so much more to grow before you're don
but for now we'll enjoy every moment of you being one

- peata

I want to reach up to touch the sky
but i can't do it
I don't know why
when i get big i'll reach the sun
but i'm still small now
i'm just one


Come and join us for some fun
It's Sammy's birthday
He's just turned one


hop scotch, bounce, joy
It's party time for a special boy


It's such a great joy
to be the birthday boy
hip hip, hooray, Im one!

Invitation Wording Examples

The Big One
Jada Kidman
It's her first birthday party
And Jada is waiting for you with open arms!

December 15
2:30 - 6:30 p.m.

15 Sesame Rd

Regrets only to Jamie and Sue
555 123 456

You are invited to a
birthday party to celebrate

Jackson's First Birthday

Saturday, 12 Feb at 12pm
22 Mulberry Street

RSVP: 5546 2546

Guess who just turned one...

It's my "Berry"
1st Birthday
Come and celebrate
with me.

perfect verse for a strawberry invitation like Emily's


First smile, first laugh, first tooth, first step, first birthday! Please join us to celebrate as Jeremy turns one!