Ghost Invitations

A Ghost themed invitation is a great invitation to make for a Halloween party or a monster bash birthday. You can create a fairly inexpensive homemade invitation in next to no time at all. All you need for a basic ghost invite is some white cardstock (of course we need white! it is for a ghost theme you know) A black marker pen will come in handy too.


DIY ghost invitationGhost invitation ideas

Invitation wording

Spooky Ghost fonts

Character and dingbat fonts are good for adding interest to your party invitaitons. Check out some of our favorite free halloween fonts here.

We also like the dingbat font Groovy Ghosties for ghost clipart. There are several ghost images that you can choose from.

Ghost Invitation Tutorial

There ghost invitations are very easy to make for a spooky Halloween party. Enlist your children and family to help you. They'll have lots of fun cutting and gluing.

You will need

Sketch a basic ghost shape on to cardboard.

Trace the shape on to firm white card and cut out with a pair of scissors. Repeat so that you have two white ghostie cut outs.

halloween ghost invitaiton

Fold a piece of black card in half. Lay the white ghost cut out on top of the black card.

Align the top of the ghost with the folded side of the black card leaving a 1/4" gap between the cut out ghost and the fold..

Trace around the entire ghost shape with a 1/4 inch border.

Cut out the larger black ghost shape. Be careful to keep the top fold intact so that you are left with a ghost card that opens.

homemade spirit invitation

Write your party details on to one of the white ghostie cut outs.

Adhere to the inside of the card with a glue stick.

open ghost invitation

Adhere the 2nd ghost cut out to the front of the card.

Draw eyes and a mouth onto the card with a block marker. You could also adhere a pair of googley eyes for added dimension if you wish.


ghost invite

There you have it. Ghost party invitations made with simple craft supples that you probably have lying around at home.

If you have an invitation you would like to share, we would love to see it.