Vintage Halloween Invitation Verses

Looking for a verse for your Halloween invitations need not be difficult. I have found a collection of vintage Halloween postcards from the early 1900's  (one dates back to 1912) They have the most spectacular verses and poems and will send a chill up your spine.  They are perfect to set the mood and tone for your Halloween party.

Nearly all of the verses on these cards were Halloween Greetings and so I have amended a few of them to turn them into halloween invitation verses instead. Some I have switched in lines from other poems to create a sort of hybrid invitation verse. The rest have been left in their original state for you to play with and create your own unique invitation verse.

If you do not find what you're after then try our Halloween wording for invitations.

Oh Hallowe'en when ghosts and such
To life come strong and hearty
I hope you'll slip past everything
And come out to this party
Original (1920's)


Come over on Hallowe'en
With apetite keen
For food and fun


O let Us cast Dull Care away
Again be Children for a Day
Witches Goblins have their sway
Tis Hallowe'en lets Joke and Play


Goblins and Jack-O-Lanterns jolly,
 Bid you unto All-Hallow's folly.
Hither come by dark n' moon,
you cannot join the fun too soon.


Hallowe'en's the night for revels,
Join the fun!
 We want all our friends to be here.
 You are one!


Come join us on this frightful night
to party well into the morn
passing shadows do give thee fright
we'll deliver you safely to the dawn


An invitation from a friend
to you on Hallowe'en I send
May every jack o lantern bright
guide you to us this scared night


Come at the witching hour of eight,
And let the fairies read your fate;
Reveal to more this secret plot,
Or woe - not luck - will be your lot.


Be one of us and come to the scene
Where Witches play and nimbly prance
Behind the corn stacks they are seen
Watching the spooks in their Tango dance


When the bats like ghosts are gliding,
Witches soar, on broomsticks riding,
jack-o-lanterns twinkle, grinning
Our Halloween revelry will be just beginning!


Follow the witch this Halloween, for the ghost and wraith may not be seen.
To a party at a house on a dark lonely street, good food you will have, good friends you will meet.
In costume you'll come, do not be late, we commence at the witching hour of eight.
Until this dark and fateful night, be ready to make haste when witches take flight
By me.


If you are scairt on Hallowe'en
never start to run
Get some good, strong friend to hold you
when the witches come


make a ring of pumpkin seeds
An odd old fashioned charm
makes the goblins howl with fear
and keeps you safe from harm


If you wish to keep the witches out
and be safe on old hallowe'en
Draw a double cross upon the sill
where it surely will be seen.


At our house of Halloween
Your presence is requested
There signs and omens will be seen
And fortunes will be tested

When the candles flicker
when the wind goes woo woo
may it mean a fortune
mighty good for you


when tombs awake, when witches take flight
you are invited to join us for party that night

Silently through the night Witches steal
 in a big Phantom Automobile.
 Scurrying the Towns, new Victims to find
So be on the look out be good and mind.


When doubt and fear creep o'er you
And your heart is beating fast,
Look in a glass of water if it's clear,
the die is cast.

Go drive dull care away from you
So the witches can't cast their charms,
hang an owl's wishbone over the door
It will shield you from all the harm.


Ye Ghosts abound, Your mate you've seen,
Your fate is found On Hallowe'en.
Witches dabble, the imps will play,
until the darkest hour you'll stay.

Hallowe'en's the night for revels,
Join the fun!
We want all our friends to be here,
You are one!

Vampires prowling cats a howling
Spooks a sighing, bats a flying
Join the revels don't belate
Hear the witches tell your fate!