Halloween Wording For Invitations

Wording ideas for your Halloween invitations. This page has been broken up into the different parts you may find on an invitation. Simply pick and choose a combo that is to your liking to use. For example:


You're invited to a Halloween scare
So creep over and join us if you dare.
Come at the witching hour of eight,
Or woe and sorrow will be your fate.

Address details

BYOP  (Bring Your Own Poison)

It's as easy as that. If you would like to check out some more Halloween Invitation  verses I'm sure you will be pleased with our vintage collection. We have modified some to better apply to an invite.

You're Invited

Come to an Owl-o-ween Party

Calling all ghosties and goblins

Come party if you dare

Come to our Boo Bash

You're invited to a Halloween scare, so come and join us if you dare.

Join us if you dare for a Halloween scare.

A Halloween party is brewing, we hope you'll be there.

ghosties and goblins, the undead galore
a party we shall have that will be to die for

Join us at our home this mystical night, for a time full of fun, mischief and delight.

Please Boo my Guest

Where is the party

A Nightmare on My Street

The Stewart Mannor

Haunted house / The Mansion

Hells Kitchen

The final resting place of Martha and Tom

The house o many ghouls

The Wilsons Coven

The Goblins Den

When is the party

All Hallows Eve

Revelry starts at the witching hour of eight (six, seven etc)

Come at the witching hour of eight, or woe and sorrow will be your fate.

Dress up in costume

Costumes required

no costume no entry

Come in costume

Come as you aren't

Dress for mess (dinner)


 If your response is an hour too late
A night of boredom will be your fate

Send us an Owl (harry potter)


BYOP - Bring Your Own Poison

Bring your own bottle of blood

BYOP - Bring your own pumpkin

BYPC - Bring your own coffin (slumber party sleeping bag - coffin cushion is a pillow)

BYOB - Bring your own broom

bats are flying the cats are prowling

halloween bash

Some cheeky one liners - good for cards

Eat! Drink! Be Scary!!!

You'd be a ghoul to miss this one. (fool)

fly, crawl or sleepwalk, creep, float, prowl

Spooktacular party

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