How to make Circus invitations

how to make circus invitationsThis is a nice and easy tutorial to show you how to make circus invitations with some patterned striped scrapbook papers and plain white cardstock.

These invitations will suit any circus or carnival themed party for birthdays, baby showers, get togethers and more.

The great thing about these invitations is that you you can stick to the basic design or you can add your own flair and turn out some pretty amazing circus party invitations.

Supplies for carnival invitation

  • Clipart circus template
  • Striped patterned paper (we used scrapbooking papers
  • sharp scissors or craft knife
  • double sided tape adhesive
DIY circus invitation supplies

Step one

Sketch a basic tent shape onto card to use as a template for your invitations. Trace it onto white cardstock for the invitation backing and the striped card or patterned paper.

Cut out both tent shapes.

Here is the circus tent image we used for these invitations.

how to make circus invitations
Step two

Cut the striped card tent into three separate pieces. The top of the tent, the left tent flap and the right tent flap.

cut the circus invites
Step four

Tape the top piece onto the white card carefully so that the edges of both cards are aligned.

Step five

Lay a strip of double sided tape along the left edge of the white card. Repeat for the right hand side.

diy circus invitations taping the sides on

Step six

Adhere the left and right tent flaps to the white backing card.

Step seven

Print your party invitation wording onto white card. Trim the card so that it fits comfortably inside the open tent flaps

Carefully open the card and adhere the wording to the inside with double sided tape

circus invitations with the front flaps

The finished circus invitation opened so that we can see the pary details on the inside.Try not to open the flaps too much or else they will have trouble staying closed.

circus invitation wording

If you like you can adhere a small pennant flag to the top of your tent.

You might also stick some circus animal stickers or embellishments to the outside or inside of the card.

Ribbon will also add some interest to these invites.

completed diy circus invitation

There you have it. A carnival invitation to set the tone for an awesome circus or carnival party. These invitations can be used for any celebration like a baby shower, birthday or a fun get together with a group of friends or family.