How to make Flower Invitations

How to make Flower InvitationsThese fabulous flower pot invitations were made by Kim Carney who has made up this tutorial for us to make our own sweet invitations. A word of caution before you start though - They are expensive to mail so consider this invite if you are making less than a dozen invites in total for a small birthday party or if you will be hand delivering the invitations yourself.


leaf invitations

Step 1

Carefully cut the styrofoam into pieces that will fit snugly in the pots. Glue it into the bottom of the pots

Step 2

Paint your dowels green and cut them to size (approx 2¼" long) or get your toothpicks together.

Step 4

Choose your flower design and create a MS Word document or similar and insert 2 flower images perHow to make Flower Invitations invitation the same size as your punch. A 1" flower shape will work well with the punch.

Create the text within the leaf as well.  In Word you would insert the leaf image, then create a text box over the top of the image (View -> toolbars -> Drawing -> Text Box. Double click the text box to set the Line color = 'No Line' and the Fill color = 'No Fill')

Step 5

Print out the flowers and use the circle punch to cut out each image. You can also do this witha pair of scissors. Take two flowers and glue them together with one end of the dowel sandwiched in the middle.

Step 6

I was able to fit the party information on to the front and back of 2 leaves. Print out the leaves and cut them out. fold them in half and glue them onto the dowling.

Step 7

Stick the dowling stem into the styrofoam. cover over the styrofoam with the floral moss - use a bit of glue to hold it firm.


how to lay it out in a word document.    The finished flower invitatons
Example of how you might set up your flowers and leaves sheet ready to print.

Free printable flower and leaf invitation templates

leaf template

flower image 1flower image 2

1½" Leaf image (right click -> save image)
See Step 4.

1" Flower image (right click -> save image)