Photo booth Signs, Wording and Resources

Just a few resources that you might find handy to use when making your own save the dates following a photobooth theme. If you have a resource to share then please let us know.

Free Printable Photo booth signs

Make your own signs or use one of ours. We have three free sets of signs that you can use for your save the date photobooth cards. Each set should be printed on to firm white card for the best results. Plain copy paper will do the trick too but the signs will be a little floppy.

This first set of signs is a simple straight forward set with three words Save The Date there are also two cute hearts (one in red and one in black) both with the word "the" contained within. You will need to write or print out the date yourself. The font that I used to create these save the date signs is Book Antiqua which you can get for free.

save the date photobooth signs
Download our plain save the date photobooth signs

This next set is a funky hand drawn set with each of the letters formed in a different style. Its a little more quirky and carefree. Again you will need to make up the actual date sign yourself. A hand drawn date should blend in well with these signs.

hand drawn save the date photobooth signs
Download our flirty  the date photobooth signs

This last set is a group of three speech bubbles.  Marry me!, Yes! They are pretty straightforward to use. Simply cut out around each sign leaving a quarter inch white border. Hold up the appropriate sign for each photo.   The last square for you photo should include the wedding date information including the when an the where.

speech bubble photobooth signs 
Download the speech bubble marry me signs

Photobooth brushes

Photobooth Wording Ideas

Some ideas for invitation wording to use on your save the date signs starting with the ever popular Save, The, Date, Wedding date

- We're, Finally, Getting, Married  (this is good for a card that contains other wedding info)
- Marry me!  Yes
- I do, I do too, Save the date, Date of wedding (+ location if you want)
- We're, Getting, Hitched, Wedding date + location + invitation to follow
- Save the date, Our Wedding, Location, Date

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