Save The Date Photo Booth cards

photo booth save the date card.Reproducing the Photo booth look for Save The Date cards are super popular with couples who want to take their wedding stationary to the next level. They are a fun and flirty way to let your family and friends know of your upcoming wedding and they are just so darn cute to look at.

You may be surprised to learn that they are pretty easy to make yourself even if you don't have access to a real live photo booth. In fact it is probably better to use a regular camera with a plain background like a wall so that you can take as many shots as you need to get the perfect pictures.

Basic steps to making a save the date
- Choose your Save the date wording and prepare your props and signs
- Get yourself and your fiancé photographed holding your fab homemade signs
- Pick your favorite 3 or 4 photos
- Create a photo strip
- Incorporate the photo booth strip into your save the date design

As you browse through this section you will find several methods that have been used to design save the dates so I'm sure that you will find one to suit your style, resources and wedding budget.


Photobooth save the date examples and templates

photo booth save the date cards
Made with a real photo booth

Postcard photo booth STD's


Customized photo booth

fun save the dates
Lee's Fun Save Dates

homemade save the date magnets
photo strip magnets

Faux Photoshop photo booth strips

Photobooth Save Date Gallery
All the photobooth stds in one place

hand drawn save the date photobooth signs
Photobooth Signs + Wording




Kristy-Lee's Photo booth Save the dates

This method requires you to head down to your local photo booth for some pictures and then scan, print and cut your cards

You will need

photo booth save the date card.Step one - Write your signs

Fortunately the only prop you absolutely need for save the dates are signs for the wording you will use. These are made with a piece of white paper or card with printed or hand written wording.

Take your 8.5x11 sheet of card stock and trim it down a little to about 7x11.5 so that it will fit within the photo frame a little better. If you can't find any card then you can use plain copy paper, it will be a little flimsy but it will still work ok.

Write your wording on to each sign with your marker. Try to write thick bold letters that will be more readable. Alternatively you can open up a word processing program on your computer, type in your text and print it for a neater result. Personally I prefer the hand written signs as they have more character.

Alternative Signage ideas

Wording Ideas

There are usually 4 photos in a photobooth strip so you will have four opportunities to communicate your STD information. The general format is to have one word for each picture ie 'Save' 'The' 'Date' and the date of the wedding for the last photo.  You can substitute the wording on the last sign for something a little more informative like.

Marsha & Stewart
are getting hitched
Pittsburgh, PA
formal invitation to follow

Alternative wording options include:

Printable Photobooth Signs

  free printable photobooth signs

We've made a couple of free printable photobooth sign sets that you can download and print for free.

Step Two - Head on down to a photobooth

With your signs in hand, find your closest photobooth. Get your smiles and funny faces ready and start taking your pictures. Don't hold back on the crazy poses. It might pay to practice what poses you're going to go with before you get there to save yourself a few dollars.

Step Three - Create a printable file

Scan your Photobooth strips and insert the resulting image into a Word document. You should be able to fit in 4 or 5 photo stips on to one lansdscape sheet.

Print them off on to Photo paper for an authentic photograph feel. Cut the cards to size.

Post them off to your friends and family as they are or stick them to a card with double sided tape.

Made by Kristy-Lee Lawley
Orlando, FL, USA.



 Postcard STD's

These creative Save The Date postcards were made by Megan. She and hubby to be used the fake a photobooth method with a digital camera in their own home to create the photo strips.

They then used to print them really cheap in a postcard format (Check out some their postcard specials and how you can print 100 cards for $2

The picture below is the back of the postcard with the photostrip to the left and space for the recipients address and postage stamp on the right.  Megan filled in the rest of the white space with handwritten doodles and comments.

save the date photo booth postcard at the back
Back of postcard


save the date photo booth - front of card
Front of Postcard

save the date photo booth cards
The back before posting

Megan also created her own very unique wedding invitations.

Megan Hunt
Omaha, NE, USA

Our Customized photo booth cards

If you really want a photo booth themed Save the date but you don't have the resources to make your own cards then why not order one of our Customized photobooth save the date card designs.

We offer printable Save the Dates that you can print off at home on your home printer. Alternatively you can have them printed at your local photolab for around 10 cents per photo card.  That equates to 100 cards for only $10.00.  You can easily stick a magnetic strip to the back to turn your cards into fridge magnets.

If you only want the photo strip itself then we can do that for you too. Be sure to let us know that is all you want and we will make a 1.5" x 7" booth strip. We'll also put 3 strips on to a 5"x7" .jpeg file so you can pint it at a photolab and save even more.

You will be required to send us 3 to 4 photos and your preferred wording and we will do the rest...

Order a customized photobooth Save the date card or order the photostrip only.

Photo Booth Save the Dates                  black and white Photobooth Strips


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