Homemade Save The Date Magnets

The whole idea of creating wedding save the dates is to give advance notice to those who will be receiving an invitation to your wedding so that they can make plans and take the time off from their own lives to attend the happy event.

Creating a save the date in the form of a  fridge magnet will not only inform your guests of your upcoming nuptials it will also serve as a constant reminder because it will be stuck to their fridge for all to see every day. You will find that years after your wedding your save the date magnet will still be stuck to your friends and families fridges.

Methods for making magnetic save the dates 

Magnet Save the Date Examples

homemade save the date magnets
Photoshop magnets

Card sized magnet

Photo booth Save the Date Strip in vintage tones
order a photo strip


homemade save the date magnetsPhotoshop save the date magnets

These are simple to make if you have some basic design skills. Nina Barry shares her creative photo booth invitations with us.

You will need


Card sized MagnetCard sized Magnet


Nancy made her Save the dates with a similar theme.

We put these pictures on a magnet that our guests could put on their fridge. We also had a destination wedding, and we wanted to see who was thinking about coming to the wedding so we could book the hotel and stuff. So, we also sent a postcard with our picture and a picture of the hotel that we were getting married at in Mexico on the front. Then on the back of the postcard we already addressed and stamped it. They just had to check whether they were thinking out joining us in Mexico or not.

In a nut shell

1. Took these pictures in one of those photobooths.

2. Hopped over to magnetstreet and had them made.

Nancy Garvey
The Colony, Texas



Photo booth Save the Date Strip in vintage tonesOrder a customized photo booth strip

If you like this idea for a save the date magnet but you are unable to make a  photobooth strip of your own. Then order a printable photo booth strip design from us. All you need to do is take a series of photos just like Nina did above. You can hold up your own signs or you can hold up a blank piece of paper and we can add in your preferred wording. 

Send us your favorite photos and we will make a 1.5"x7" photo booth.  We will send you back a single photo strip to print on your home printer. We will also fit three of these strips onto one 5"x7" photo in case you want to print them at your photo lab.

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