Pool Party Invitations

 Splish Splash - It's a poolside bash.

If you are looking for some ideas for your digital poolside party you can get an image of the Nirvana album with the baby swimming in the pool and use Photoshop substitute the babies head for your head.

Clipart images available freely on the internet to spice up your invites: pools, water, cocktails, thongs or flip flops, swimsuit, bikinis, lilo or other blow up water toys, swimming mask and snorkel

flip flop party invitation

Flip Flop Invitations

pool party invitation
Photo invitation

diy pool party invitations
DIY pool party invitation


The coolest Flip Flop Invitations

These flip flop shaped invitations are crazy cool and easy to make. I wanted to throw a party for my boyfriends 25th birthday and I wanted something that would stand out, I saw some cards that a friend of mine received in the shape of a pair of flip flops and thought I would make some myself since we were going to have a pool party the theme fit.

How to make it

I didn't have anyone to show me how to make them and I didn't have a template so I did it like this:

Made the invitation template

Putting it all together

Magnet on the back

I stuck a small flat magnet to the back so that his friends could stick it to their fridges (boys are hopeless!)  You can buy these magnets with adhesive backing in thin strips and cut it with a pair of scissors - very handy.


Photo Pool Party Invitations

Pool party invitations made for 6th birthday party. Using photos of the family.

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