Save The Date Etiquette


Do we need Save the Date cards?

We all lead busy lives out there in the big wide world and we often need to plan our holidays, vacations and weddings in advance. Often up to a year in advance. This is something that we need to keep in mind while we are planning our weddings or event. A 'Save the Date' card is the perfect way to give your guests plenty of time to organize their schedules so that they may attend.

When should I send out my Save the Dates

You send out save the date cards before your invitations are sent out. They are usually sent around 4-5 months before the event but can be sent out up to a year in advance. This is especially the case for destination weddings or if guests are required to travel a long distance. This gives your guests plenty of time to make travel arrangements and organize time of work.

How formal do my STD's need to be?

Unlike your wedding invitations, STD cards are usually quite informal so the design can be very casual and it more than acceptable to include a photograph of the guest/s of honor. Save the dates are a definitely a great way to unleash the creative monster in you.

Take a browse through some of the Save the Date cards that other DIY readers like yourself have created. There are some really great ideas on this site and you will be quite surprised at how affordable many of the options are. The wording for your cards can be very simple too. No need to agonize for hours over what to write, unlike those crazy invitations.

Important! Read me

You do not want send a save the date to guests that are not invited.  If you're thinking that you want to let everyone know that you are getting married then you might want to consider sending an announcement after the wedding instead.


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