Hot glue gun Spider Web Invitations

spider web invitationsI had a lot of fun making these spider web invitations. We made the spider webs on the face of the card with a hot glue gun. The glue becomes very stretchy and gooey when it is heated which turned out to make the perfect spider web.

After a bit of practise and trial and error on some scrap cardboard I was able to get the glue do what I wanted it to.

Please note that these invitations will be difficult for children to make on their own due to the handling of a hot glue gun. We recommend that these invites be made by an only by adults.

To make these spider invites you will need:

spider halloween invitationSwitch on your glue gun and let it heat up. While you are waiting Cut and make a card from your black cardstock.

Place your card on a flat surface. When the gun has heated the glue we will use the glue gun on the front of the card to make spider webs.

Make the web - Find a spot on your card to be the center of the web.

Gently dot a tiny amount of glue on the center spot and drag it to the outer edge of the card. If your glue gun is dripping too much glue, wipe it off onto some scrap card. Repeat until you have 8 or so lines of glue strung out from center to the edges of the card

spider invitationIt can be a bit tricky stringing the glue across your card without making a mess but you will get the hang of it with a bit of practise. Remember that we will be placing a spider at the the center so it will be able to hide the excess glue that might form.

Any glue hanging over the edges of the card can be left as they are or you can trim them excess off with a pair of scissors.

Now make strings of glue circling the center point to complete the web. I used a very light flow of glue and found that i had to touch down on to the card every now and then to anchor the web.

spiders invitationGlue the spider down - When you are happy with your spider web you can use the glue gun to adhere the spider to the card.

I chose to drom my little spider on to the center of the web to keep my invitation card looking tidy.

Card title - Make a "You're Invited" banner with a piece of white card and black ink pen. You can use any method that you coose to create your banner including printing it.

Print your invitation wording on to white card or copy paper and adhere to the center of the card.