Spooky Eyes Halloween Party Invites

With Halloween around the corner you had better get your invitations organized, especially if you plan to make your own hand made invites as you will need to allow for the time it takes to put them together, address the envelopes and post them off. I would aim to start on your invitations near the beginning of September so that you are well prepared by October.

These spooky invitations are very simple to make and require very little supplies to make them. You can even get the kids to make them.

halloween party invites.Supplies

How to make them

Halloween Party Invites
Completed spooky invites

Halloween Party Invitation two.Hot Tip

To make the eyes on this card to the right, I used the center stickers of the letters 'O', 'D' and the number '0' that came from the white alphabet sticker sheet that I used for the text.

for the pupil a just hand drew them on with a black permanent marker pen.

I liked the way that these eyes looked and there is a good variety of different shapes in the alphabet.



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