Make a Summer Fiesta Invitation with crepe paper

Make these fun invitations for your Mexican Fiesta celebration. Crepe paper is really cheap, readily available in many colors and you will not need very much at all. It is also perfect for a Fiesta because it is often used to make piñatas.  In fact the left over crepe paper used to make these invitations is going to be used to decorate the piñata and make party decorations.



  • Crepe paper in your party colors
  • White card or poster board - these cards measure 4¼" x 5½"
  • A2 envelopes
  • Scissors
  • Glue - I used pva or white glue
  • Computer and printer
fiesta invitation supplies
Cut off a 1" thick strip of crepe paper. cut the crepe paper
Make a series of verticle cuts along the bottom of the strip about 3/4" long. I am using two colors - pink and green. Summer Fiesta invitation - the crepe paper cut.
Pint the wording for your fiesta invites onto the top 2/3rds of your card. Be sure to leave the bottom third of the invitation clear.


I have used sombrero clip art at the top of my invitation.

the invitation with fiesta clip art

Take the green crepe paper and measure a piece that is twice the width of the card (approx 9")

Fold it in half and glue it carefully to the bottom of the card (make sure it doesn't extend past the bottom of the card)

Take the pink paper and do the same as with the green crepe paper. The bottom of the pink paper should overlap the top of the green.

Repeat once more with another green strip.

Summer Fiesta invitation - final invite


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