Western Invitations - Wanted Posters

western invitationsHere are a few examples of the wanted poster invitations that we offer as a printable invitation. We thought they would be helpful for choosing your own wording for a cowboy or cowgirl themed invitations as well as give you some tips for taking photo's for use with our invites or for your own DIY wanted poster invites.

Tips for taking your photos

Any photo that you take will be fine, but there are a couple of simple things that you can do to set the tone for a western shindig.

Clothing and props

There are plenty of clothing choices and props for a cool photo. Try any of the following options on their own or a combination if you are able to. Remember that you do not have to be a fully dressed cowboy to take a great picture for your invite so don't worry if you only have one item below available.

A good place to take your photo

You can take your photo anywhere you like, indoors or out. 

Western invitations wording

See the examples below for wording inspiration or check out our western invitation wording page for ideas.

Wanted Poster invitation samples

Some examples of our custom printable western invitations. As you can see, no matter how you might be dressed, the invites turn out great. Take a look also at the different wording options.

Wanted poster invitations for a shared party
A shared birthday invitation
cowboy invites
Casually dressed with no cowboy gear
Wanted poster with cowboy hat
Head shot with a cowboy hat
retirement party invitation

Retirement party invite

1st birthday invitation wanted poster
1st birthday invitaiton
first birthday invite
Another first birthday invitation, dressed in a shirt and long pants.

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