Homemade 40th Birthday Invitations

Life begins at 40. Kick start your new life with a fabulous party celebration and some great handmade party invitations. We have pictures of example invitations for you to draw inspiration from.

40th invitation ideas

Photo invitation - photo invitations are popular. especially those that feature a current photo as well as a picture of the birthday boy or girl as a child or young man. Kind of like a then meets now invitation.

Sports invitations - If your birthday boy is an avid sports fan then a sports themed invitation will be a good option. You can create a cool sports ticket invitation with the right materials.

Simple printed invitations - You can create a simple design with the number 40 enlarged and centered at the top of the invitation.

40th Invitation Wording

For wording samples to place on your homemade invitations you can take a look at our 40th birthday invitation wording section on this website. You'll find verses, poems and regular wording samples.

He used to be a real hot rod with a lot of muscle
But now he's an old classic in need of restoration.

DIY 40th invitation examples

Take a gander through out readers invitations that are homemade. If you have made your own invitations that you would like to share then please let us know.
Click on the invite text below the image to find out more details on how it was made.

40th birthday invitations
Fortieth Birthday Invites

making 40th birthday invitations
digital invites



Blue Fortieth birthday invitations

I'm sure I used an online template for this invitation card....just can't remember where I got it! The nice striped paper used is Chatterbox Igloo collection - I found a quote online doing a search for "40th Birthday Quotes"  The inside of the card has a piece of white cardstock with the invite details typed on to it and then glued  into place. This is a great way to mass produce your invites and reduce the errors.

Fergus, Ontario

make your own blue and green 40th birthday invitations

 Digital 40th Birthday Party Invites

I made the invitations in Photoshop Elements.  I scanned a photo of my husband from when we were dating at 17 and layered it with a photo of one of his muscle cars and a more recent photo.  It was to celebrate his 40th birthday, the theme of the party was classic cars (since that is what he is is into).  I had the collage printed as 4x6 photos through Scrapbookpictures.com and then mounted them on black cardstock cards (5x7) and stamped in white along the bottom "Come to a Party" from Hero Arts.

Debby Riendeau,
Ashford, CT

digital 40th birthday invitations