Make 70th Birthday Invitations

Lots of great ideas and free resources for making a DIY 70th Birthday Invitation for the Amazing person about to celebrate this milestone event. birthday.

A very special celebration is required for the person who reaches their 70th birthday. How do you even start to make an invitation that is worthy of the birthday guest of honor. Let's brainstorm.

70th birthday invitation ideas

70th birthday invitation wording

You will find that the majority of 70th birthday celebrations thrown are Surprise celebrations. See some of our wording examples for the big surprise event

Please Join us and our family
As we celebrate Cheryl Boston's 70th birthday

and, shhh!!! it's a surprise!

on Saturday, June 12th 2010
at the Senior Citizens Hall

please arrive no later than 6pm
for dinner and dancing

RSVP by July 28th to Martha

70th Poems and Verses

A Poem that we wrote for a Surprise 70th birthday celebration.

Surprise Birthday Poem

Jenny's birthday is nearly here
It's a very special date
Friends and family far and near
come and help us celebrate

She's turning 70, we're throwing a party
It's going to be a surprise
And when she walks through the door
Such joy we'll see shining in her eyes+

Beverly Hillbillies Poem

Since anybody who has reached the age of 70 will have watched the Beverly Hillbilles as some stage in their life. I thought that the theme song would make a good tune to write an invitation poem to.

Now let me tell you a story about a man named John
He's reached the age of 70 and he's still going strong
He's grown to be a fine some one to idolize.
So we're throwing him a party. It's going to be a surprise

PS words that rhyme with surprise - buys cries dies dries dyes eyes flies fries guys highs idolize lies pies prize rise size shies sighs skies spies thighs ties tries wise

Also -

A short verse or two...

Let's all celebrate and have Fun,
It's the 70th birthday of my sweet Mum!

The years flew by right before her eyes
And seven decades later we're planning a surprise
Please join us to celebrate Diana's 70th Birthday!


70th Birthday Invite examples

I made this invitation for my grandma's 70th birthday party. We planned a big celebration and I wanted everything to be special. Being a child of the internet era I googled lots of different invitation companies but I couldn't find a design good enough for my grandma. So I decided to make my own.

While searching the internet I found this website ( and it had a lot of good ideas. My choices were between a pocket invitation design and a photo invite. I decided to make an invitation that I could print onto photo paper with the photo invitation tutorial since I had the Photoshop Elements software which came bundled with my laptop.  I didn't even know that you could use it to make invitations!.  Being very new to making invitations I emailed Peata and she helped me with my design and created some special clip art that I could use.

I found the poem that i used while searching for ideas on the internet. It's a really beautiful poem and I thought

When Sue was just a baby
everybody use to say
Wouldn't it be wonderful
if she could stay this way
But even though she's all grown up
and this her 70th year
She's still more sweet and lovable
than anyone so dear.
So join us at a party
your attendance would be great
To have a share of Susan's cake
and help us celebrate!

Want a custom printable invitation

Not everyone is a DIYer so we have a made a printable 70th invitation that we can customize for your birthday event.

70th Birthday Invitations
Customized 70th Birthday Invitation

You can send us your party details along with up to six photos of the birthday boy or girl and we will create a printable high resolution .JPEG file (that's computer speak for a computer picture) that you can print off at home or at a photo lab for around 10 cents per invitation. This invitation works better in the 5x7 size which usually cost between 30-60cents per photo invitation.

You should include a range of photos spanning the guest of honors whole life.  Birth, baby pics, school photos, family photos, sports and hobbies, marriage etc.

Use this form to order this customizable 70th Birthday Party Invitation.