Birthday Invitation Verses

I have put together a few birthday verses to be used on your invitations. I just thought them all up in less than 30 minutes. It's not as difficult to do as you might think. Nursery rhymes are a good source of inspiration for kids verses.  I'll be back to add some more. If you have a poem to share then submit it via the contact form and I will feature it here.

Age 1 to 10 verses

This little boy, so full of fun
He's growing up, He's turning ONE

It will be my birthday soon
I will be turning two
I'm going to have a party
Here's an invite just for you

You're invited to my special day,
A day that's just for me.
I'm going to have cake and games,
Because I will be three,

Fiddle dee dee, jacks turning three!

Like a Lion in the jungle, hear Josh roar!
He's announcing to all the animals, That he's turning Four!

Little boy blue, come blow your horn.
And announce to all that Timmys turning four!

Lots of giggles, tickles and playing in store
Because Jenna May is turning 4!

Jenna's having a birthday,
She is turning five.
Please say you'll come.
We'll all have so much fun.

Snakes alive, Sam will be five

Hop scotch and pick up sticks
The birthday boy is turning six

Sammy's growing up,
Hip hip hooray.
Join us for his 7th birthday!

It's time for a party.
Come help us celebrate,
With cake and fun a plenty,
Jenny Smith is turning eight (Little Sam is turning eight)

No time to waste, it's party time,
Celebrate with us, for John will be nine.

Cake and gifts, Games and food
Johnnie is turning ten
It's going to be good

Adult Birthday Invitation Verses

Like a fine vintage wine
People grow much better over  time

It's Tommys birthday, the big 3 0,   (three oh)
It's gonna be a big one,
There's not much time to go.

Cake and food, gifts and wine.
It's Samantha's 20th birthday
Get ready for a great time

It's a girls night out
To celebrate
Jennifer's 26th birthday
So don't be late