Birthday Invitation Wording

Train Invitation
So no doubt you have seen some of the fantastic homemade invitations in the gallery. They are great aren't they. Have you decided on a design for yours and need to  find the right wording for your invitation? Hopefully we can help you with this too. You should consider basing it on the following information:

Blues Clues Invite

In addition, think of some terms that relate to the Birthday person and choose stuff that they like or activities that they enjoy doing. You may be able to come up with a couple of lines to suit the Birthday person and your invitations perfectly. Stuff to consider:

Birthday Invitation Checklist

You might think that it is be quite obvious what needs to be included on your invitation but believe me things will go a lot smoother if you commit the necessary information to a piece of scratch paper. This can save a lot of heartache over any un-doable mistakes.

Example Wording

Surprise Adult Birthday Wording

Bob doesn't want a party
She / He doesn't want a fuss
But we're going to surprise Her / Him
So come celebrate with us!

at The Bush and Bull Inn
On Saturday, 21 October
At 5pm

RSVP: Jillian by 15 Oct, 555 1234

Please, No gifts

Formal Adult Invitation

Please join us in celebrating

30th Birthday

Hosted by Bryony and Cheryl
on Sunday, 13 June
commencing at 7pm

18 Sesame St,

RSVP before 7 June
Cheryl 0400 123 456 or Bryony 0400 987 654