Homemade Train Invitations

Choo choo choo, we want to party with you! All aboard for a birthday party celebration (hey! that's some good invitation wording for a train invite right there!) Are you looking to make a train invitation for your little boys birthday (or little girl of course) Then you have come to the right place.

Train invitation ideas

Train invitation Wording Examples

All aboard!
Patry time - Train boards at:
Parte finish - Returning at:
Where is the party - Smith station (use your surname)
RSVP to: The Station master John

Wording for a ticket invitation

Grab a train ticket and use the wording as a guideline for your invites. See our examples of train ticket invitation wording

Train themed invitation examples

See some of the ideas that other readers have used for their parties.

train party invitations

Free Printable Train Invitations
free printable train invitations

Train party invitations
Custom train party invitation


 Choo choo invitations

This is a set of birthday invites for my nephew. It has been made with digital scrapbooking and card products from different designers. You don't have to be a whizz graphics artist, you can simply purchase the pretty designs and put them together with a software program like Adobe Photoshop Elements.

The text is written in Indonesian, A poto of the birthday boy has been added in one of the cabooses. The envelope was hand made with coordinating paper.

Credits: Clickity Clack by Jacque Larsen Doodle, Dandy Collection Biggie by Amanda McGee Drop Shadow by Traci Murphy

homemade train invitations
Make a train party invitation

Want a custom printable invitation

If you don't really want to make your own invitation then order one of our custom train photo invitations. We can personalize the invite with a photo of the birthday boy or without. We will also add your party details. We'll send you the jpeg file to print at a photo lab of your choice (cheap as chips to print them this way) Or if you want you can print them from your own printer at home then you can do that. 

Train Photo Invitation
Train photo invitation