Construction Party Invitations

Planning a kids birthday party with a construction theme. Why not make your own fun invitations with a 'let's get building' feel to them. Some of the ideas here would suit a Bob the builder party or a Tonka construction party as well.

Construction Invite Ideas

Construction Invitation Wording

Take phrases from popular science fiction movies, books and programs.

 Foreman Blake wants you for his construction crew!

Job Site: The Hyratt Construction Zone
Project Date:  Saturday, May 9
Clock in:  5:00pm
Quitting time: When the job is done

Please call the site manager by May 16 if your crew is already booked. 123456789



Tonka Party Invitations

This a invitation for a Tonka truck/Construction themed birthday party. It is simple enough to make.

Auto Mechanic Collection - Screw Brads

Jenni H,
Westland, Michigan

 Construction Invitations
Tonka Party Invites