How to Make Dinosaur Birthday Invitations

Dinosaur Birthday Invitations

If you are getting ready to throw an amazing Dinosaur Birthday Party then you will need to start with some great Dinosaur party invitations. Whether you choose to buy or make your own invitations we can offer you some cool Dino invite ideas from other DIY party moms and dads who have celebrated a birthday Dino style with their own children.

Homemade dinosaur invitation ideas

Stamped Cards

Look for cheap dinosaur stamps on sale at your local craft store or the craft section in your department store (Michaels, Martha Stewart, k-mart etc) Stamping is a great way to embellish your cards.

Dinosaur shaped cards

A triceratops is a great shape to use for an invitation in the shape of a dinosaur. A volcano will give you a nice uniform shape as it is a simple triangle with the top cut off. Create your party details insert with a word processing program on your computer, print them out and slip glue into the inside of your card.

Dinosaur Clipart

You will be able to find a lot of free dinosaur clipart that you can use for personal use. Make a Word document with your wording and insert your clipart image. Print our at home or at a copy shop.

Dinosaur invitation wording ideas

Think outside the square when wording your invites. Throw in a some Dinosaur lingo to keep with the theme.

John-a-saurus Rex is turning 5
Join us for a birthday celebration
17 July 2012 at 3pm
123 Prehistoric Road
It's going to be wild

Try using a combo of the following wording ideas to create the perfect text for your invite.

Dinosaur fonts and dingbats

Here is a list of fun Dinosaur Fonts that you can download and use free for your own personal use.

dinosaur invitation fonts

Dino-riffic fonts and where you can find them

Dingbat fonts - fonts with images - I love using these fonts instead of clipart as you can enlarge them without losing quality.


Printable Dinosaur Birthday Invitations

For the parent who does not have the time to create their own party invites we have some printable invitations that you may like to take advantage of. The first is a freebie and the second invite is available from our custom invitation shop.

Free printable invitations

Print off this freebie cute as a button triceratops birthday invitation with your color printer and fill out the party details. You can also use it for kids graduation partys and other celabrations.

printable dinosaur invitation

Customized dinosaur invitations

Again, for the parent who has too little time on their hands. You can order a customized dinosaur photo invitation where we do most of the work and leave the printing up to you. We personalize your party invites with your party details and a photo of your child. We send you a finished invitation design in JPEG format. You can print them straight from your home printer or you can take them to your local photo lab and have them printed for around (8-15 cents each - super cheap)

custom dinosaur invitation design
Custom Dinosaur Birthday Invitations

Handmade Dinosaur Invitation Card Tutorials

We have a couple of step by step tutorials for you to try. Check back for more invitaitons.

dinosaur invite card
dino invite card
dinosaur invitations
baby shower dino invite

Purple Dino invitation tutorial

These dinosaur birthday invitations were made for my little boys party. I actually make quite a lot of invitations, particularly for children's birthday parties. I hope they inspire you to create your own hand made invitations for your next party.

Materials used to make invitations

Draw and cut the dinosaur

I drew the dinosaur design myself, it was loosely based on Max in the book 'Where the Wild Things Are', which my son was reading at the time.  The body and arm of the dinosaur are two separate pieces.

I used patterned green paper to make the dinosaur costume shape, then cut out an oval of pale peach card and glued it behind for the face. I just drew on the eye and the blush of the cheeks I made with colored pencil.

I stuck the dinosaur shape onto the card with foam tape to make it pop out. The word roar was typed and printed onto the peach card, cut out and adhered to the front of the card as well

Birthday party details

Inside was the information for the party like:  'U R Invited to....'; When; Where; RSVP. I printed these titles out in a 'monsterish' font then just hand wrote in the details.

Dinosaur Birthday Invitations  for kids
Dinosaur Birthday Invitation