Make Football Invitations

Are you thinking of having some friends over for game night and you need cool invitations for the party?  Maybe your child is celebrating a birthday soon and would like a themed American football birthday party.

Forget trying to hunt down suitable pre-made party invites. Get out your paper glue and scissors and make your own homemade football party invitations. There are plenty of ways to create invites for  your event whether your party is just a get-together to watch the super bowl, a regular NFL match or a local club match.

football invitations

Football invitation ideas

Make your invitations in the shape of a football.

Make the body of the invitation out of brown construction paper or brown card stock. Fold a card in half and cut it into the shape of a football. You may want to make a card template first out of scrap card and cut it out with scissors or a craft knife.

For the white stripes, you can cut some stripes from white paper and glue them on to the body. Cut some thinner strips for the lacings, or maybe you can use some white string or yarn.

On a separate piece of card, print the party details and attach to the inside of the folded football card.

Cheerleading pompom invitations

Make pompoms with colored tissue paper to suit your favorite football teams colors and taping them together at one end. Tidy it up with a small strip of black or coordinating construction card wrapped around the taped end of the pompom.

Print your football invite details on to plain white or colored card and attach the pompoms to the card to embellish it.

Football jersey invitations

Make a folding invitation card in the shape of a players football jersey. Color it in your kids footy team colors and on the back you can put the age of your child. You can even put the name of your child above the number or maybe the name of the child that you are inviting.

Write or print the party details on the inside of the card.

Alternatively you can print a football jumper on to the front and back of a white folded card and your child can color in the jersey himself with crayons. Again, you can just print the invitation wording on the inside.

Football Ticket invitation

We have a whole section on how to make ticket invitations with information on what fonts to use and how to put it together.


Football stamp card

Use a football rubber stamp and ink to embellish your card. This is as simple as stamping your football themed image (for example a football) directly onto your printed invite card.

Clipart and computer invitations

Using your computer and football clipart or photos is often the easiest way to make an invitation. Take your clipart image and insert it into a Word document. Use the drawing ->text boxes to add your wording.

football clipart images might include:

Craft materials that you can use to make your footy invitations.

What kind of football do you play?

The definition of the sport of football differs from country to country. And each has it's own special events and leagues.

American Football League - Superbowl

See some more ideas for making your Super Bowl Invitations

Football Invitation Wording and Verses

Baby Shower Invitation

We finally scored a touchdown.
Come and help us celebrate the kick-off of our new star quarterback.

Game time party

Come watch the game
It's going to be great
Kick off is at 8
So don't be late!

Football Birthday Party

Our little quarter back is turning 5
Come celebrate with us

Hut 1, hut 2, hut 3
It's time to party

Super Bowl Party

Grab your team jersey
We've got munchies and beer
There's a free spot on the couch
To watch match of the year

1st birthday

Our little rookie is turning one
Come join the huddle for some cake, games and fun

Our custom made Football Birthday Invitations

Head over to our custom invitations section where we make printable invitations for you to print at home or at your local photo lab. Our sports ticket invitations are very popular with the football crowd.