Homemade Super Bowl Invitations

The most anticipated game of the year for football fans would have to be the Super Bowl. Family, friends and foes all meet up once a year to bear witness to see who will take out the much sought after championship title. This year (2011) it will be between Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Green Bay Packers .

For the fans, bragging rights for the next year are on the line and are not something to look lightly upon. Parties are thrown all over the country in peoples homes or at the local bar. Make your own cool superbowl invitations for your get together with these ideas.

Super Bowl Invite ideas

We actually have a football invitations section with lots of ideas for a football themed party so make sure that you take a look at them when you get the chance.

The items that you you might include on your invitation could be

Homemade invitation samples

Kayla made her party  invitations with photo editing software. She took inspiration from an invite that she had seen (sorry , no picture of this invitaton)  But you can read how she attempted to create her own invitation...

I used Adobe Photoshop CS4 to make these Super Bowl football invitations. My mom came to me with an idea of what she wanted it to look like, so I worked off of that. The reason I made these was because my family was throwing a party for the Super Bowl and my mom wanted to incorporate my own design skills into the invitations. She gave me the basic idea and I tweaked it a little bit to make it look better and more professional.

It was fairly easy to make too.
1. Start with the first layer and fill it with a background color - green for the turf, or the colors of your favourite team.
2. Use the rectangle tool to add a white line down the middle
3. Add the text "5" and "0" to the sides of the line to imitate half way on the field
4. Add a picture of a couch (For this particular couch, I erased the background of it with the magic eraser tool)
5. Add the appropriate text concerning addresses, phone numbers, RSVP dates, title of invitation, and any other text you want to catch the eyes of your readers

By Kaylaa

Want a custom Super Bowl Ticket invitation you can print yourself

Football Invitations

If you would like invitations but would rather not make them yourself, then order one of our sports ticket invitations that you can print at home. The

We create a ticket styled invitation with your super bowl party info then email you a jpeg file that you can print at a photo lab of your choice (cheap as chips to print them this way) Or if you want you can print them off at home on your own printer.

These ticket invites measure 6"x2" and will fit 2 invites onto one 4"x6" photo, excellent way to save even more money! Just let us know.

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