Making Halloween Party Invitations

Fantastic DIY Halloween party invitations in the form of a Witches cauldron. Bubble bubble, toil and trouble... Perfect invitation idea for a Halloween bash. There is a bit of basic hand drawing involved but nothing too difficult. The best thing I liked about making these invitations is that they required only card and glue and they didn't have to be perfect. My hand drawn cauldron is a bit wonky but I think it still looks cool!

Cauldron halloween party invitations
Bubbling Cauldron Halloween Party Invitations

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Making the invitations

Step one.

Sketch a cauldron with bubbles on to the cardboard to create a template.

2 things to remember

  • The bubbles will extend down to the bottom of the cauldron and will hold the party information.
  • We will be creating a pocket from the cauldron so the bubbles need to be narrow enough to fit inside the pocet

making the cauldron invitation

Step two

Take your pair of sharp scissors and cut the template into two parts - the cauldron and the bubbles.


cut halloween template invitation

Step three

Fold your black cardstock in half and line up the bottom of the cauldron template with the fold.

Trace the template on to the cardstock. Cut out the template.

trace halloween invitation on to card

Step four

Unfold the template and apple a thin line of glue along both sides of the top half of the cauldron card.

Fold the card and firmly press along the sides to adhere the bottom half to the top half.

This will create a pocket for the green bubble part of the invitation.

glue the invitaiton together

Step five

Take both the cauldron and the bubble template, assemble them and lay them on top of the green cardstock.

Make sure that the bottom of the cauldron slightly overlaps the bottom of the green card.

Trace around the bubble template. Draw a verticle line from the bottom left of the bubbles to the bottom of the card. Repeat for the right hand side of the bubbles.

Make the invitation wording insert

Step six

Cut out your tag and write your Halloween party invitation wording on to it. You may choose to create your wording on a computer and print it out directly on to the green card.


completed invitation pocket and bubble insert

Slip your card into the cauldron pocket, pop the invitation into an envelope and post them off to your guests.

You can cut out a handle from grey cardstock and adhere it to the back of the cauldron pocket if you wish.

Halloween party invitations

There you have it. Yet another cool DIY Halloween party invitation idea. If you have a cool party invitation you would like to share with us we would love to see it. tell us about it here