How to make envelopes

Do you want to learn how to make envelopes for your handmade invitations. Fantastic. We a few different ideas and techniques that you can apply to complement your unique and lovingly homemade invitations. Be sure to check out all the info we have on invitation envelopes and our other tutorials.

Be Prepared

It is vital to know postage costs for different sized envelopes before you start out otherwise you may get a nasty shock when you take your invitations to your local past shop and have to fork out nearly triple the cost in postage than you expected.

Also prepare your self for a bit of work. If you have 10 or so invitations for an intimate dinner to send then cutting up envelopes will not be such a difficult task. If, however, you have a couple of hundred invitations for your wedding you may want to source some cheap envelopes or organize your lovely bridesmaids to come over for a night of wine, cheese, cutting and folding. An excellent time for you all to bond.

Make a template

A template is by far one of the most simplest ways to make envelopes. You can make your own template and print it on to firm, thick card. Cut it out and use the template to trace your envelopes on to your chose paper.

You can find free ready made templates by searching on the internet.

Make your own envelope template

One way to make a template is to find a used (or new) envelope that fits your invitation perfectly. Soak the envelope in warm water for 10 to 15 minutes. Carefully remove the envelope an open it right up so that it is a piece of flat paper then leave it to dry.

It will dry all wrinkled up so you will need to iron it flat. You can now trace the envelope on to some stiff card to create your template.

How to seal your envelopes

There are a few methods of sealing your envelopes. You can:

Envelope Glue Recipe


Mix all three ingredients together and apply a thin layer to your envelopes with a small brush.

Leave them out to dry.

When you are ready to seal your envelopes, simply lick the adhesive and seal.

Having a Green Wedding

There are a lot of materials that you can upcycle to create envelopes like newspapers and fashion magazines. Maybe you can use up your left over greeting card envelopes from the last holiday season.