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Superhero InvitationsI made these superhero invitations for my friends son Logan who is celebrating his fifth birthday with a superhero birthday party. We wanted to to create an invite with all his favorite superheroes and to include a photo of the birthday boy. I made a backup kid superhero in case we couldn't find a good photo.

I grabbed some pictures of a few super heroes and created individual vector shapes for each one. This took a little while to do for each one but I did it so I could resize each hero without losing any image quality, I can also now use the heroes in any invitations or artwork I want to in the future.

Once I had all my heroes I put them all together along with the title "Calling all Superheroes"  I made cool background and added the invitation detail text to complete it.

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Some handy tips and wording ideas for your invites. If you have any to add then please let us know via the contact form.

Incredible's Type wording

Do you think you have what it takes to be a Superhero? 'name' thinks so! He has invited you to his Super Heroes Birthday Party! Training will be at 1400 hours on the 8th of May

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If making your own super invitation sounds like too much super work then you can order one of our super cool invites that you can customize with your own party wording and a photo of the birthday boy or girl.

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